Unctad Trade Facilitation Agreement

كتب - آخر تحديث - 19 ديسمبر 2020

1.23 The module is working satisfactorily at the national level and has recently been improved by the development of new functions such as deviation (modification of the destination office). Because Customs receives full and timely information on all operations in advance and there is no need to work again at the destination office, delays in processing at the borders are significantly reduced, making it easier to trade. UNCTAD provides political support for the negotiation of trade agreements, reform of domestic policy and greater transparency. Based on the comprehensive and tailored analysis of UNCTAD and the Integration Review, policy makers have a better understanding of how to approach them. NTMs are non-tariff policies that can have an economic impact on international trade in goods. They are increasingly organizing trade and influencing who is acting in what way. Understanding the use and impact of NTMs is essential for policy makers, negotiators and researchers to strike a delicate balance between reducing trade costs and preserving public objectives. — General information managed by UNCTAD, including a list of trade points around the world, their home pages and status, relevant guidelines and frequently asked questions; UNCTAD`s trade facilitation programme helps developing and least developed countries and economies in transition, as well as regional organizations, to implement reforms and measures to facilitate trade, such as .B needs assessment and assistance for ratification, categorization and notification of national trade facilitation implementation plans; Developing project plans Advisory services to national trade facilitation committees; Monitoring and evaluating initiatives to facilitate trade; Creating a legal framework for individual trade-related windows; Implementing a simplification of trade-related procedures; training of national transit coordinators or supporting regional initiatives to facilitate trade. The most well-known bodies are PRO committees (sometimes called national trade facilitation bodies), FAL committees, national trade and transport facilitation committees (NTTFC) and new WTO national trade facilitation committees.