Clark County Franchise Agreement

كتب - آخر تحديث - 14 سبتمبر 2021

The City/County Telecommunication Commission advises the County Board of Directors and the City Council on matters relating to the cable television franchise. The Commission shall lay down rules and rules applicable to cable television franchises and monitor compliance with franchise agreements. Meetings are held quarterly. Comcast is part of a 10-year franchise granted in July 2013 to offer cable television services in Vancouver and Clark County, Washington. As part of the franchise agreement, the Telecommunications Commission carries out periodic checks on the performance of the cable operator. The eight-member Telecommunications Commission is a voluntary organization that advises Vancouver City Council and Clark County Council on all matters related to the cable television franchise agreement with Comcast. For more information on the Commission, including agendas and minutes, see For more information on the City/County Telecommunications Commission. Citizens interested in submitting written testimonials about Comcast`s performance are asked to send their comments to the City/County Cable Television Office, P. O.

Box 1995, Vancouver, Washington, 98668, or email them to Written comments are accepted until May 10. VANCOUVER – The City/County Telecommunications Commission will conduct its biennial public review of Comcast Cable`s performance at 3:30 p.m.m. Mid., March 6 at Vancouver City Council Chambers, 415 W. 6th St. Execution. The session will also be broadcast live on Clark/Vancouver Television (CVTV) Cable Channel 23/323 HD and “Cable TV subscribers are encouraged to give us their input on how Comcast is doing, either by testifying during the hearing or by sending us their comments in writing,” said Paul Dicker, chairman of the city/county telecommunications commission.

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