Collective Agreement Ontario Colleges

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Effective January 2019, a new Ontario government has reversed many of the amendments made to Bill 148 (including changes to equal pay rules) made by Bill 47, the Making Ontario Open for Business Act, 2018. However, the European Union argued that the agreement reached between the parties during previous negotiations was still an obligation to resolve the equal pay dispute. Accordingly, the parties sought clarification from an arbitrator. Please click on the links below to view the collective agreements actively negotiated between the parties. 4. Where the Minister of Labour has appointed a mediator or a mediator, or both, and the parties have not entered into a collective agreement within fifteen months of the last appointment, the Minister may, at the joint request of the parties, re-appoint a mediator to appear with the parties and endeavour to implement a collective agreement, and to the appointment, §§6 applies: 7, 17 to 19, 21, 51, 52, 58 and 59 2008, c. 15, p. 5 (4). A collective agreement is a written contract between an employer and a union that describes many of the terms and conditions of employment of workers in a bargaining unit. There are two collective agreements that cover members of Algonquin College`s bargaining unit. The academic collective agreement includes professors, teachers, part-time employees, counsellors and librarians. The Support Staff Collective Agreement applies to all full-time assistance staff in Schedule D and Schedule G. 22 For the purposes of this Act, no one shall be considered a worker who no longer works for his or her employer solely because he or she has been dismissed by his or her employer in violation of that Act or a collective agreement as a result of a lawful lockout or strike.

2008, c. 15, see 22.b) in the case of a collective agreement with a duration of more than three years, only after the beginning of the 34th month of existence and before the beginning of the 37 months of its existence and during the three-month period, immediately before the end of each year in which the contract is maintained after or after the beginning of the last three months of its operation, as appropriate; 3. Upon request referred to in paragraph 1, it shall be for the parties to establish that the workers` organisation had the right to represent the members of the bargaining unit at the time of conclusion of the contract. 2008, c. 15, at p. 47 (3). OPSEU regularly receives requests for copies of their central contract from members covered by provincial collective agreements. The following six links provide easy access and allow you to download a copy of your collective agreement in Adobe format. 11 A collective agreement is binding on the Council, the employers and the workers` organisation which is a contracting party, as well as on the members of the tariff unit covered by the collective agreement. 2008, c. 15, see 11.

TORONTO, 30. January 2019 / PR/ – After nine months of collective bargaining, the College Employer Council (CEC) and the Ontario Public Service Employees Union (OPSEU) have reached a collective agreement for part-time assistance employees at Ontario`s 24 colleges. OPSEU represents workers in too many bargaining units to provide copies of collective agreements to individual employers on the website. If you can`t find your collective agreement on this page, you can search for it in our private member sector, the members portal. Please log in to the member portal to check if your collective agreement has been published for you. You can also contact your staff representative or the nearest regional office to obtain a copy of your collective agreement. For a list of all regional offices, click here. 2. At least fifteen days before the expiry of a collective agreement, the Council may request in writing to the Ontario Labour Relations Board that the workers vote on the acceptance or rejection of the Council`s offer, last received by the workers` organization, on all matters still in dispute between the social partners. . . .